Monday, August 27, 2007

Bob Saget Is A Brilliant, Filthy Motherf*cker

I had the pleasure of seeing Bob Saget's stand-up show "That Ain't Right" tonight on HBO and all I have to say is 1) He's a genius and 2) He's a filthy motherfucker.

I love him. How incredible...I laughed my ASS off.

I had no idea - and, as mentioned in this article, many people probably don't, which is delightful, actually, because the possibility of somebody thinking that this is going to "be the guy from Full House and Funniest Home Videos doing some wholesome, clean humor"...and what you're getting is some shit that is delightfully reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's RAW - only more sex with farm animal humor... gotta love it.

If you have cable, then when it comes back on again check it out on HBO. You won't be disappointed...that is, unless you're a big pussy and don't want to get offended. Because unless you don't have a heartbeat, there's nothing in his act that isn't offensive...that's the sheer freakin' beauty of it.


Blogger princessElectra said...

i agree. david and i watched the aristocrats and i have to say that i found him the filthiest and yet the funniest (except of course the love of my life eddie izzard but he couldn't stop laughing long enough to actually Tell His joke. i love him.) of all the comedians. on that note, the movie made me not like sara(h?) silverman at all. i just don't think she is funny. tries too hard. oh, sorry, back to bob. yes, it is funny to see him being so naughty and rude when every night i have to suffer thru at least 60 seconds of full house before i can wrestle the remote from my daughter and change it from nickelodeon.

11:50 AM  
Blogger razz said...

Wow, I never knew he was like that, I will make sure I check it out now, thanks

11:19 AM  
Blogger Cadaverous Nun said...

I saw something he did and was shocked at how funny he was. You're totally right. It was one of the best nights I had all week.

12:46 PM  

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